Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Food stores!

Went to the local food store today and it's appalling what they are selling!!

In the past the meat counter was the entire back wall of the store....now it's less than 1/2 and that includes the "ready to cook" meats with marinades, sauces, etc.

The produce area wasn't too bad....but for people living alone it's not good. No longer can you buy a single zucchini, a single bunch of romaine....everything is either in "family packs" or cut up and ready to eat!

Full fat dairy is getting scarce too! I can still get my cream, but only in the small containers (lower fat cream is available in the quart containers). Yogurt? Well, if you don't want low fat or (heaven forbid) no fat, forget it!

Nuts!! I love them! but....in the small bags (for baking, etc) they had chopped walnuts, chopped pecans and that's it. In the big bags they had pecan halves ($8/bag!!!) and walnuts! That's it!!! Of course they have the honey roasted peanuts, etc....but plain nuts? That's it. No choice.

OK....I don't really go up the aisles, except for paper products, but they sure are packed!

Frozen fruit is another thing. I live alone so buying frozen fruits (no additives) is a great way to get fruit for me. So today I go looking for frozen fruit and find 3: peaches, strawberries and blueberries. No raspberries, no blackberries, no mixed fruit!

Then....at the front of the store, when I get to the register, there's a note posted proclaiming that they are increasing the size of some of their departments. They are now including Indian foods (good) and organic fruits and vegetables (good, but I didn't see any!)....and of course their cereal and snack areas!! Oh yea, just what we need! More snacks and cereals!