Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weigh In week 16

Whoo Hoo!!! Down 2 more pounds!!!

I've changed my ticker to reflect my total loss and goal.

I've drastically increased my fat and protein and dropped my carbs over the past few weeks and have found my weight going down again!!

I've been recording in Fitday and taking all my supplements. I've been concentrating on getting the protein up and the carbs down.
As you can see, my protein and fat intake is high. Much higher than the "experts" recommend, and that's just fine with me. I've been going for 95g protein daily and got at least that except for yesterday (Saturday). I've not been looking for added fat, but have been adding cream to any shakes I have and I've not been avoiding it!!

And, as you can also see, I've been meeting and exceeding the recommended levels of vitamins and nutrients. In fact, the only thing I'm "deficient" in is carbs and fiber! And sodium, which is getting to be almost as "bad" as saturated fat. I don't add salt to many foods, but this isn't because I think it's bad for me, but because I often forget to!

I've been trying to get moving more, but I'm still not being too consistent with exercise. I've now bought a Tai Chi DVD and am going to try it for a while. It's for people with arthritis and stiff joints, so I figure it can't hurt!

I've also been doing some weights, but until I get my bench out of my son's room and into a more accessible area, this will be spotty.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weigh In week 15

Note: this was edited at 5PM.

Well, down another pound! I'll take it!!

See? 27 pounds to go now!!

This past week I decided to sharply cut back on carbs, total as well as "junk" carbs. I've been keeping my carbs as close to 20g/day as possible, not going over 30g max. No artificial sweeteners, no sugar alcohols. No breads too.

I have been having a shake almost every day for breakfast. I use EAS Myoplex Carb Control Ready-to-Drink, mostly strawberry but also an occasional chocolate. I mix in egg whites and heavy cream to increase the fat and protein. I get about 1/2 my daily protein needs in just this drink. I take 1/2 my supplements with breakfast, so will occasionally have an ounce of peanuts also, to help push the pills down. Most days this isn't an issue, but if I have trouble I have to have something solid, or I'll end up with horrendous indigestion (I have esophageal spasms and other issues, which can make swallowing tough)

For lunch and dinner I have some kind of meat, usually beef, and veggies. I've been having burgers, meatloaf, roasted duck, and short ribs for my meats and mushroom, cucumber, salad greens, tomatoes, green beans and asparagus for my veggies. One day I had a second shake for dinner, but that was because of a late and large lunch (salad plus an 8oz burger with cheese and bacon).

I've been taking my supplements, and have been watching my nutritional levels in Fitday. I added Calcium and Iron to my supplement lists, as these are 2 things I was a bit deficient in. The only other deficiency I see in Fitday is in carbohydrates and fiber!

When I started this, last Saturday, I decided that on day 7, Friday, I would allow myself some kind of a treat. Well, I did that last Friday, having some (thin crust) pizza and a couple of Atkins Endulge bars. Felt lousy going to bed, and was 3# up in the morning, so next time I'll be a bit more careful. I am going to continue allowing 1 treat a week, but only one.

I still haven't measured myself, can't find my tape measure, but I have 2 pair of pants that now fit! I think I'm going to run down to WalMart and see if I can get some new pants for work. I need lightweight cotton, or maybe some jeans.

5 PM
Oh wow!!! I just got back from the store, and boy, and I happy!!!

First I went to Target....nothing. None of their tops did anything for me, and all of their pants were either Capri pants (I have very heavy legs) or heavy (winter) long pants!!! My goodness, it's not even July!!! I did, however, get a neat hand mixer for mixing my shakes.

The handle swivels for different kind of mixing.

After leaving Target, I was pretty disappointed, but decided to check out Walmart anyway. I started out looking in the Women's department, regular sizes, then went to the Plus sizes, then went BACK to the regular sizes!!! I bought 3 pair of pants, size 16, and 6 tops, all size 16/18.

I cannot tell you how excited I am!!! I literally cannot remember the last time I was able to buy clothes in the "regular" women's sizes!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weigh In week 14

Short term goal:

Weigh in day, Sunday, showed a loss of 2 pounds!! Whoo Hoo!!

I'm still following my plan, but have cut way back on carbs and artificial foods. I've been having Atkins Endulge bars and I've also bought some meal replacement bars, and I think these might be a factor in my slow loss and my fluid retention.

The fluid retention is the most bothersome. Not only does it make my legs bigger than they already are....but sometimes it actually hurts. I think I am dropping some fluid weight as my legs aren't quite as swollen. Hopefully this will continue.

I have 2 skirts that now fit, and I would love to be able to wear one!

Thought I'd post this too. Since I started on low carb, I have lost 68 pounds! I'm amazed!! Less than 30 pounds to go!!

This is my overall progress:
<span class=

Recently a commenter noted my supplement list and how I had "several bases covered" with my choices.
Twice a day doses

I take my supplements twice a day, with breakfast and dinner. I've tried doing 3 times a day, but tended to miss one dose. Twice a day works better for me.

Well, I guess that's it for now. I'll be posting again soon....I hope!