Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Cure - Week 4

I have been bad about posting.....sorry. I completed all 3 of the first 3 weeks and am doing great!

I haven't lost a ton of weigh like some others doing the plan, but I am very happy with the weight I've lost and the inches I've lost!

Here are the figures:
Week 1: weight loss = 0.4 pounds
Other measurements not taken

Week 2: Weight loss = 1.4 pounds (total 1.8 pounds lost), waist = down 1.25 inches, hips = down 1.5 inches.

Week 3: Weight loss = 0.2 pounds (total 2.0 pounds lost), waist = down 0.5 inches, hips = no change.

Other changes: Almost no indigestion, heartburn etc. Arthritis fairly stable, taking naproxen as needed, about 3-4 times each week. Also taking occasional aspirin for headaches, about once daily (I have a history of headaches due to neck problems)

BP started at 124/76, down to 113/68

Clothes fit better and I have a whole lot of "new" clothes I can wear! Clothes that have been hanging in my closet for a year now fit again!!

Week 3 & 4 are pretty much what I've been eating on low carb all along. Three to four times a day I have meat (meat/fish/fowl) along with a vegetable or two. Several days I've had my shake in the morning, simply because it's easy.

I posted several of the meals I've had on can see them here. No registration or sign in should be needed. (Berry cobbler and White pizza are old meals, not ones I've eaten on the plan)

All in all, I'm feeling good! Very happy with the results so far.

As per the book, I think I'm going to continue with weeks 3 & 4 for a while as I still have more weight to loose and weeks 5 & 6 are more for maintenance. Maybe do a week of shakes on occasion too.