Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weigh In week 14

Short term goal:

Weigh in day, Sunday, showed a loss of 2 pounds!! Whoo Hoo!!

I'm still following my plan, but have cut way back on carbs and artificial foods. I've been having Atkins Endulge bars and I've also bought some meal replacement bars, and I think these might be a factor in my slow loss and my fluid retention.

The fluid retention is the most bothersome. Not only does it make my legs bigger than they already are....but sometimes it actually hurts. I think I am dropping some fluid weight as my legs aren't quite as swollen. Hopefully this will continue.

I have 2 skirts that now fit, and I would love to be able to wear one!

Thought I'd post this too. Since I started on low carb, I have lost 68 pounds! I'm amazed!! Less than 30 pounds to go!!

This is my overall progress:
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Recently a commenter noted my supplement list and how I had "several bases covered" with my choices.
Twice a day doses

I take my supplements twice a day, with breakfast and dinner. I've tried doing 3 times a day, but tended to miss one dose. Twice a day works better for me.

Well, I guess that's it for now. I'll be posting again soon....I hope!


Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration and I'm very, very impressed with your supplement list! Wow! You keep up the good work! I myself am trying to figure out what's causing my weight loss stall since I swear to high heaven I'm eating nothing but protein and fat--oh well. But it's nice meeting you!

Sparky's Girl said...

Congrats on the loss Cindy! You are doing fantastic and will see those last 30 lbs gone very soon. Just keep it up!

Cindy said...

Thanks for your comment!! I've actually just started being really strict with my intake, due to a very slow loss lately.

I've been struggling with this a lot, including several major binges. I have now been sugar free for 14 weeks, but my carb intake has been slowly rising. AND, I think even more importantly, my intake of lc products with artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols) has risen dramatically. So, now I'm keeping my carbs under 30g/day, NO artificial sweeteners or frankenfoods, and I've upped my fat and protein intake.

I don't know if I'll be any help, but feel free to reply, marked private if you wish, with some of your menus, exercise routine, etc and I'll gladly review things and see if I can find anything that might be an issue.

And now, I'm going to check out YOUR blog!! :)

TESS said...

Way to go with the terrific weight loss! I agree, LC Products with sugar alcohols do slow down the loss. Ocasionally they are worth it tho.

Cindy said...

You are right Tess. I've decided to give myself a treat once a week. I have the Endulge bars, or I'll have some ChocoPerfection with nuts...something. But only once a week.

PJ said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! You're doing great.

Cindy said...

Thanks PJ!