Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New year!!!

Wow....what a year!! Lots of changes this year....most of them good.

I've fallen completely off plan, gained a ton of weight back, but as of today I'm back. Setting new goals and revising plan for the new year. I'll be posting that within the next few days.

I fasted today, just having coffee and water. Just a few more days and I should have a kitchen. Probably no table, chairs, etc....but a kitchen where I can cook!! And!! It's close enough to work that I can go home for lunch and not eat out!! Woo Hoo!!

Roast pork tenderloin with cucumber spears and Caesar dressing, Brussels sprouts with butter, and home made applesauce.
Maybe this will be on the menu again soon!! I set Brian up with food and recipes for 3 meals today. Meatloaf and 2 chicken dishes that are too carby for me. But it got me to thinking about some of the meals I can make!! I want to try mashed cauliflower and a couple of new veggie recipes I found. I want to have a steak with Worcestershire sauce and sauteed mushroom, cooked exactly how I like it. And I am definitely making meatloaf soon! I also have a ham to cook....the spiral cut one I forgot to bring with me to Laura's house on Christmas!

In the news:
Dr Vernon and others are reporting the recent about-face by the ADA in regards to low carb diets. It's a pretty poor endorsement, and it's only for those that need to loose weight, but I think it will prove valuable! Low carb is only recommended for those that need to loose weight, and there are all kinds of cautions to check blood work and watch medication doses. BUT! I think this is going to be a good thing.

I'm thinking maybe we're going to be seeing docs using low carb to get patients to loose weight and they are going to see dramatic improvements, not only with the patient's weight, but blood sugar levels, lipid levels, etc. They are also going to see drops in blood pressure. Eventually it is going to have to dawn on someone that there really is something to this way of eating! I mean really....eventually they are going to realize it.....right?? How about when patients start reporting less GERD? better sleep patterns? Lessening of arthritis symptoms? Come's gonna happen, right?

On the non-smoking front....I'm still not smoking and have not had even a puff! For the most part it's still been easy, but I'm having a bit more frequent cravings. Actually over the past few days it's eased off again, so maybe this is the way it goes. It certainly isn't because my stress is any less, although having Brian on his own is a bit of a relief!

Just for fun, here are some pictures of my dogs:

Daisy (left) and Duke enjoying their 5th birthday dinner.

Brian playing with Daisy.

We're good puppies!

Trying to get attention while mom is wrapping presents.

And Laura's dogs:


Kita (left) and Cheyenne playing.

And finally, Laura's Christmas Tree!!


Sparky's Girl said...

Hi Cindy! It has been an amazing year! I'm so proud of what you've accomplished, despite the regain, which I did myself a bit. You've quit smoking, which is so tough to do, and you are sticking with it! That is awesome! I think this year will be the best yet! Happy New Year!

Cindy Moore said...

Thanks Amy!! I'm not beating myself up, but I am mad at what I did!! I'm still much lower weight than I was this time last year, but not as low as I'd like to be!!

OhYeahBabe said...

WTG on the not smoking!!! Thanks for sharing all the photos.

Kimorexia Blog

Resolve not to get ripped off by scams like Kimkins!

Avenue Girl said...

You're 2 up on me! Still smoking, and no place to call my own.

Oh, how I wish I could paint some walls!

Waiting for goal before I'll even deal with smoking. One at a time.

Nice place.

Cindy Moore said...

OYB, thanks! I love being smoke free and not caring! LOL

Avenue girl....I feel for you! Hang in there, things will change! I still can't paint walls as I'm in an apartment. Everything is beige! Nice that it's neutral....but aren't there any other neutral colors? When you're ready to quit smoking, check out Chantix. I quit during all this upset.....and it's the easiest quit I've ever had. Gained a bit the first week, 9 pounds!, but lost it all by the end of week 3 and was down a couple at the end of my first month!