Thursday, October 09, 2008

Does this make sense? I went to the local library today to register to vote....yea I know it's late, the deadline (tomorrow) kinda snuck up on me.

So anyway, I go into the library, get a form, fill it out, seal it and give it to one of the clerks. Nice, simple, no problem.

Now.....I figure as long as I'm there I should ask for a new library card. Here in NC the cards are by county, and I've moved to a new county.

So, I go back to the clerk, who pulls up something on her computer, asks for a photo ID and at least 1 item that shows my current address....and a phone number.

So I can vote by just filling out a form, but I have to prove who I am to borrow a book??


Carol Bardelli said...

Your dead right, Cindy. Voter fraud is too unregulated. Acorn proved this. Simple interventions would solve the issue.

Sorry about your health issues. You're in my prayers.

Best wishes, Carol

Cindy Moore said...

Thanks Carol!!

I have to disagree on the Acorn comment. As near as I can tell, Acorn simply hired people to get voters registered and then turned in the paperwork as required by law. My understanding is that THEY flagged the "questionable" entries, but were required to submit them anyway.

Now, trying to stop people from voting because they don't have a photo ID? Attempting to disqualify people who's home is in foreclosure? Now that is voter fraud.

I don't agree that people should have to produce a photo ID when registering or voting, but there should be some kind of validation...simple proof (rent receipt, utility bill, etc) should be required.

Here in NC there are counties where you can walk in and say you just moved and they allow you to file a (absentee) ballot. There are counties in NC that allow students to vote in their home town as well as their college town!