Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Week 2 Weigh in

Short Term Goal:

Whoo Hoo!!! Another 3 pounds down!!

Didn't post my weight last week, but had lost 5 pounds then. I'm doing a 20 pounds in 20 weeks goal here, then will set another goal.

Been sticking with my plan, doing good, feeling good!!! Stomach has been great, NO indigestion or nausea, and no belly pain. Arthritis isn't too bad either! A bit of neck discomfort, that's about it.

Got a call from my sister over the weekend, and a follow up call tonight. She's going to have to have her carotids stented, both her internal carotids are blocked, one 90% the other 100%, but blocked, not by plaque, but by scar tissue. The scar tissue is a result of radiation treatments she had about 20 yrs ago for cancer of the epiglottis (the flap that prevents food from going into the lungs).

This is good news and bad news.

The bad news is that, since it's scar tissue, it can recur. The doc is confident that the stent will work in keeping her carotids open, but did also say that the scar tissue can again build up and she may have problems again down the road.

But, the good news is that she doesn't have any evidence of plaque build up! That of course, means there's a very good chance that the rest of her arteries are also clear or mostly clear.

Of course, there's no guarantee, but her chances are better than if they found her carotids loaded with plaque, it wouldn't bode well for the rest of her vessels!!!

She's already on Lipitor, and I'm sure they'll keep her on it, but now they've also put her on Plavix to prevent clotting. Of course she'll have to stay on the plavix for life also.

She's having one more test done, then will be scheduled for the procedure next week.

So, to all my readers, please say a prayer, or think positive thoughts for her.

Long Term Goal:

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