Monday, January 01, 2007


I found this blog as a result of a link on a message board. This article is very well written and should be read by all who have been or are worried about their cholesterol levels.

In her blog, Kate wrote:

I believe in a healthy cholesterol reading. I mean, I really think that 350-400 is too high.
And even then, I don’t think other factors should be ignored. In lowering a dangerously high level, I took steps to help myself in other ways, as well. So my body wouldn’t keep raising my cholesterol. The main thing I did was lose weight.
But this post is for those people who really do not have a “problem”

My sister-in-law went to the Dr. for a checkup and was told hers was 210.
She was put on Lipitor. She had no idea why, just did it because he’s her doctor and he knows best. Her insurance paid it so great. No problem there. But is this the answer to a problem that isn’t a problem at all? She was otherwise healthy.
Or so she thought.

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Lady Atkins said...

She makes some good points in this post, but if you scroll further down she does a hatchet job on low-carb and talks about how horrible it is. And it's clear she hasn't the faintest idea what she's talking about. If only she has studied low-carb as much as she studied up on cholesterol...

Lady Atkins said...

And I do believe she nuked my comment on low-carb. Some people open to the truth in some areas and so closed in others...