Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This post is a rant!!!! Today's subject.....drivers!

OK....why do so many people on the highway insist on driving slow in the left most lane? A friend and I drive a 4 lane highway (that's 4 in each direction) to and from work every day. We drive at or a little above the speed limit....not much over, just 5 mph or so.'re driving along and you come across a driver going 5-10 mph under the limit. WHY???? Do the move over so you can pass???? NO! I don't get it!

Slow drivers around here (NC) also seem to get together and drive the speed they want to....we call them "pace cars". These people will drive whatever speed they want....and in any lane they want. And, on the highways, these guys seem to get together and drive side by side along the highway....sometimes all 4 lanes!!! You can't go around them, you can't get them to speed up.....all you can do is follow them and hope someone gets off the highway....or a slower car breaks up the pack. Do these people understand that sometimes people have needs??? I got stuck in this situation once attempting to get to the hospital with a sick friend!!! I ended up having to go into the turning lane to get around them!!!'re driving down the road, usually a one laner....and the car up ahead puts on his/her right turn signal. There's only one road for them to turn into, and it's about 1/4 mile ahead....fine they put on the turn signal early....better than not at all! BUT They start to slow down....and end up going about 10mph when they're still a good distance from the turn!!!!! I've even seen cars come to a complete stop before they turning!!! Now, I'm not talking about a narrow road, or a road that has a dip at it's entrance.....this is a wide, clear can clearly see that there are no cars coming....heck, you and the guy in front of you are the only ones on the roads for miles!!!!!! So....why do they have to slow down so much????

Parking lots!!! Parking in general.....why can't people park between the lines? And did you ever notice it's often the smallest cars that are the worst? I worked with a woman who literally took up 2 places.....with a Mitsubishi Spider!!!!! Her left fron wheel would be in one slot....and her right rear in another!!!! Surprisingly, when she drove her hubbys Navigator she actually did much better!!!!! And why can't people respect the lanes in parking lots? And keep to a reasonable speed? They drive faster in parking lots than they do on the highway!!!!!!!

Why can't drivers use their turn signals???? Why can't the pay attention to their driving? Shut off the cell phone or pull over!!!! If you don't know where you're going, why can't you pull over so the people behind you can get past????? And are yu really trying to hit people as they cross the road? Because some times it certainly seems like it!!! Especially elders! I've seen these poor people trying to move as fast as possible, with a car bearing down on them!!!! I'm surprised some of them don't have a heart attack before they get to the other side! about putting on makeup while driving??? I've heard about this, but never saw it until today. A woman driving down the highway putting on mascara!!! Now, not only was this woman on a major highway, but she was going 70 miles and hour!!! And she was on a ramp, which merged into 4 lanes of highway!!! Is she nuts?!?!?! What if she hit a bump? That mascara wans would have poked her in the eye!!! And then what would have happened??

OK.....I'm done.....for now.


Sparky's Girl said...

You certainly hit a nerve with me on this one. Bad drivers are a pet peeve of mine. I don't mean the occassional goof... we all have them. I'm talking the people who drive 90 to nothing down my neighborhood street, but poke along on the interstate. Or those who whip in and out of traffic while doing 15-20 mph over the speed limit. The worst are those that don't read the signs in construtction areas. When a lane ends up ahead and they stay in that lane anyhow all the way to the point where it's blocked, then expect everyone who's been patiently waiting in this long line of cars to just let them in. And those who don't yield when others have the right of way hack me off too. Ok... I'd better quit or my comment will be as long as your post! LOL

Cindy said...

I hear ya!!! I could have said more, but figured enough was enough. Oh yea....tail-gaters!!! GRRRRR LOL

BG said...

Cindy you crack me up :)

Cindy said...


Suzique said...

LOL, Cindy. I'm imagining some chick with a mascara wand poking out of her eye! My favorite is to be driving, stop at a red light and the car in front of me appears to have no driver. It's always a tiny little old person whose head doesn't even go above the headrest. I try to give them wide berth! When I lived in Houston back ages ago I swore if I died in a car it would be in the Safeway parking lot : )

Cindy said...

"I'm imagining some chick with a mascara wand poking out of her eye!"

LOL Suzique what an image!!! Can you imagine what that would cause on a highway tho???

Here in NC we of course also have the little old ladies (and men) that can barely see over the dash....but we also have the young ones who "recline" while driving! Just recently I saw a car that appeared to have a passenger only....but when I pulled up alongside the car I saw a young man almost horizontal in the driver's seat!!! These drivers are NOT to be toyed with! Give them plenty of room, and don't irritate them!!!