Friday, March 02, 2007

No more collar!!

Brian saw his doc again today and can now take off the collar he's worn for the past 3 months. He can put it back on if he needs to, if he gets sore or tired, but he's essentially out of it.

He has to see the doc again in 4 weeks. They will do additional films then. If he has any numbness, pain in his shoulder or arm, or any other problems he's to call the doc ASAP. The doc is actually surprised. He said that if he looked only at his films, he'd recommend surgery, but the fact that Brian has no pain or other problems, he just can't recommend it now. If Brian develops any pain or other symptoms, he of course will rethink surgery.....and there's also a real possibility that when he gets older he'll end up having to ahve surgical repair.

Anyway, he's thrilled. The doc told him ne exercising the neck yet, and he can work up to his regular activities as tolerated. In a month, if all looks good, he'll be seen by a physical therapist and given an exercise program.

So, here are a couple of pictures of my boy, finally collar free.

He's a bit crooked. That should change soon.

He didn't want me to take his pic, and figured
I'd stop trying if he stuck out his tongue.

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