Monday, March 12, 2007

Week 1 Weigh-In & more

Oh boy!!!

I lost 4 pounds this week!!!

Been staying on plan, lost a lot of fluid.

Blog Roll: I would like to point out some recent blog posts that I think are excellent:

1. Regina Wilshire. Remember the study that was in the news last week? Atkins vs Ornish vs LEARN vs The Zone? The study that I notice is not in the news anymore? Well Regina, as always, has posted an excellent essay on the study. Check it out here. And be sure to take a look at her batch of quotes about said study.

2. Dr Michael Eades. Same study here and an excellent article on anti-oxidants and the importance of saturated fat here.

3. Suzique. If you have a recipe for veggies, or want a recipe for veggies, check out Suzique's Veggie Recipe Contest. There are several links, so be sure to check out all the recipes! Submissions for the contest is March 14.

4. Dr Davis. Excellent, but long article on Vitamin D.

5. Sherrie. A disturbing post about cholesterol, alcohol, and pregnancy. I've done a little research and it seems the women on statins were not put on them during their pregnancy, but were on them and got pregnant. Makes me feel a little better, but not enough.

6. Suzique again. Another disturbing post, this time about the lack of medical care available in New Orleans.

7. Dr Vernon. Ask Dr Vernon. She does answer. She has responded to various questions personally and in her blog.

My take on The Study?

It's interesting in how poorly everyone did in following their plans. I am also getting a chuckle about how all the "experts" are tripping over themselves saying how it's a bad study.

I can see good and bad. People didn't follow their plans, none of them did from the looks of it. Why? We don't know. Lack of support I would imagine is one factor. Lack of motivation I think is a major factor.

I also wonder about exercise. Were the participants told to exercise? If not, then I don't think they were doing any plan "properly". They certainly weren't doing Atkins!

I'd like to see a second study:
1. Allow people to decide which diet they want to try. Give each one the books, or at least a print out of a summary of the plans, and let them decide which one they feel they can live with.
2. Give more support, in weekly meetings or online support. Something to keep them motivated and to have a source to clarify things.
3. Have experts in each diet teach the classes. Personally I think longer classes over a shorter time, with more followup would be better.
4. Get people that not only want to loose weight, but also improve their health.

That's about it. I'm going to leave you with some pictures of wild dafodils that are in my front yard.

3/12/2007, 11:32PM EST: Edited to add Dr Vernon's column!


Sparky's Girl said...

Congrats on the whoosh! Keep it up!

TESS said...

Excellant post and congrats on the 4 lb loss!

Cindy said...

Thanks for your suppoert!!

BG said...

Hey thanks for the link to the vitamin D article. I read about the benefits of vD a few months ago and it is a staple supplement now. Great to see more articles on it.

Cindy said...

BG. Vit D is very important. Dr Mike has written about it, as well as many others. The Eades include sunbathing as part of the Protein Power Life Plan (and, I believe in previous books) and promote taking Vit D when sun isn't available.