Monday, April 23, 2007

Weigh In week 7

No change in weight this week....again!

Oh well, at least it's not a gain!!!

Joints are much better, but did have a really bad night Friday night! The pain in my left hand and arm woke me several times! (Now, those of you that don't know me, don't know I am legendary in what I can sleep thru!) Nothing seems to help, not naproxen, or ibuprophen, or acetaminophen, or aspirin!! This is quite upsetting, as I am reluctant to try anything stronger, and I know, if this is arthritis, that any doc will recommend stronger meds, especially the new ones for arthritis!! Oh well....time will tell!

Want to mention a few blogs today....on topics I'd like to write on. Why do it tho, when others do it so well?

Dr Mike has a post today, The Bad Fat Brothers, about the AHA's attempt to continue to demonise saturated fat and his Nominee for the Reckless Award.

Dr MD also has an interesting recipe posted. Low carb tortilla soup sounds really yummy. I've never had "regular", since I never heard of it until I started low carbing, but this sounds like a great soup!

Sparky's Girl has an interesting post about Ronald MacDonald.

Dr Briffa has an excellent post today about how Resistance exercise may help to protect us from diabetes.

Bamagal has a very good post about funding for youth suicide prevention programs. There is a link on the post to contact your lawmakers to encourage passage of this bill.

Fred Hahn posted about resistance training and how it can change you.

Dr Vernon posted an excellent response to an email yesterday. Be sure to check it out.

Have a good week!! I've got a lot going on, so I doubt I'll be posting often.


Mike said...


I noticed that you eat LC wheat products. The gluten in the items may be the cause of some of the joint pain that you have been experiencing.


BamaGal said...

thanks for the posting about suicide prevention--I'm trying to garner all the support I can

As for your pains--have you ever thought about some type of water aerobics class---my PCP sent me to pyhsical therapy o try and get some relief--I'm just shy of needing knee replacement surgery bilaterally---and in dire need of a spinal fusion---but I wanted to put things off---therapy only made me hurt that much worse---then I started doing water yoga, water aerobics and warm water therapy at the local Y----man what a difference---I had been popping Darvocet like it was candy----WLSers can't take NSAIDS---but now am only doing 1/2 tab at night

anyway--I hope you get to the bottom of this soon---good luck hon---hugs to you...

Cindy said...

Hi Mike...thanks for your concern. I have on 2 different occasions completely eliminated all wheat products, the last time for almost 5 weeks....and found no difference or improvement on or off wheat. (A friend is gluten intolerant and helped me with this) Since I eat so few processed foods, and always check labels, I've not been getting gluten inadvertently. When I tested myself the first time, about 3 weeks, I ate no processed foods at all.

I do try to minimise wheat, but not for the gluten, for the high carb count.

Cindy said...

Bama....oh boy would I like to have some place to go with a pool!!! This is one of my goals when I finally sell my house and downsize!!

Several years ago I did water exercises at the Y. Here in NC, at least in my area, almost all the classes I'd like are during working hours....and the cost right now is beyond my means.

I have been taking fish oil and krill oil and have noticed a dramtic my back and neck. The joint issues I think is something different, as these joints have never been injured, nor did I ever have anything like this until the past few months. The "flare ups" have pretty much subsided now....not sure if it's due to the krill/fish oils, or if I'm just in a quiet phase....I noticed when this first started that I'd have different joints giving me grief and then everything would stop for a while. This last "flare" is the first time I've seen redness and swelling....prior episodes were pain only.

I have a doc appt mid-may and I'm stuck until then to find a cause. But, like I said, I'm better now!

Kate Welch said...

Have you been supplementing with vitamin D3 also? I found this helped my joint pain (bad knees) immensely this winter.

Best of luck!

Kate at The Steaks Are High

Cindy said...

Kate, yep, take D3 also...Carlson's. Mg, fish oil, krill oil, B vits, MVI, CoQ10 and potassium. And Vit E.

I am definitly better off with what I take and following low carb. Not perfect! But much much better.

Sparky's Girl said...

Hi Cindy! Glad your joints are better and I hope you can find something that completely eliminates the pain.

Oh.. almost forgot.. TAG! YOUR IT! Check out my blog to see what this is about. :0)