Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Weigh In week 8

One pound gain this week!!

Last week I was sick, and for about 3 days I barely ate anything. I also barely moved....exercise wasn't even tought about. I had a UTI and it was nasty. Abdominal pain, back ache, the whole bit. But, thanks to modern medicine, I'm better! (Antibiotic twice a day for 10 days). I imagine the gain was due to my illness, but who knows.

I've actually been weighing myself daily for the past week, but Monday morning is my "official" weigh in day. I've been fluctuating up and down 1-3 pounds each day. At my lowest I was a pound lighter than Monday and at my heaviest, 2 pounds heavier. I'm glad I weighed on Monday, not my heaviest day!

I cannot believe it, but I have been on low carb, cheat free, for over 8 weeks now!!!

I started out originally on Atkins, but later changed to Protein Power.

I am following my plan as closely as possible, but I will admit I haven't been eating my veggies...well not as many as I should anyway. Right now money is tight, but I have almost 1/2 a freezer of meat. That's a 13 cu foot deep freeze!!

I've got beef and pork and chicken and shrimp and fish and chicken and all kinds of goodies. I also have a few leftovers. I do have some frozen veggies and I'm buying fresh, just not as much as I should.

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