Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weigh In week 17

And down another pound this week!!

Still eating high fat and protein and keeping my carbs as low as possible, most days under 30g total.

Had one night this week that I had some lc ice cream and an Atkins Endulge bar, but other than that I've done very well. I really have no desire for most "treats" that contain sugar and starch, although I did go by Goodberry's (frozen custard) and wondered if they have a sugar free version!! (they don't according to their website).

Oh yea! I bought a new scale today....and a new food scale earlier in the week. Both are digital. The bathroom scale is weighing me about a pound heavier, but I'll just accept the new weight. That new weight will be reflected next week, as this weeks weight was Sunday morning, before I bought the new scale.

The food scale is great! Has a nice big bowl and a nice display. I've been weighing all kinds of food....tomatoes, jicama, cucumbers, etc! My new toy! LOL And, at the suggestion of a friend on one of my boards, I'm buying a second scale, which will be used for ounces, and the first one will be set at grams.

Bathroom digital scale

Kitchen digital scale


Not much else to say, thanks for all that read and comment!! You're all so supportive!!



BamaGal said...

Cindy--first congrats on another pound gone---you are coming on down there
I despise the bathroom scale but I would never do without my kitchen scale--it is essential for me to keep from feeling over stuffed which is easy to do in my case---even eating off a saucer I can put too much on without weighing it first

I still do some baking for other members of my family and weighing the ingredients makes my pastries and breads so much better.

side note: I fixed the recipe for the peach ice cream---thanks for pointing it out--made it yesterday and it was fabulous--but the peaches were super since I picked them right off the tree at the farm

Cindy said...

Fresh peaches?? freshly picked? Oh boy do they sound good!!

I weigh things more to keep an accurate recording of what I'm eating. I still have a fairly high intake, calorie-wise, but very low carb.