Sunday, July 22, 2007

Going to be gone for a while

Two weeks since I posted my progress and I've lost another 1.8 pounds. I do love this digital scale!!

I'm in the process of selling my house and looking for a new one, so I'm going to take a break from blogging for a bit. It's a lot of work cleaning and packing a house after 10 yrs of living there!!

So, I'll still be reading my favorite blogs and following my team on SparkPeople, but otherwise I won't be online much. Still have a lot of stuff to pack and a few things to sell!

Wow!! I just realized that I've been sugar free for over 21 weeks!!


Sparky's Girl said...

Congrats Cindy! You are doing so well!

I've tagged you for a meme. If you wanna play along, when you get back to blogging, you can find out what it's about here.

Cindy Moore said...

OK...I'll play along....later today or tomorrow!

Mark said...

Hello. This is Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple – a successful health and nutrition blog. I love your blog and will be including it in my blogroll. I’d appreciate a reciprocal link if you happen to like my blog. Here is a link to some of our most popular posts.

Thank you and have a happy and healthy day!

Cindy Moore said...

Hi Mark!! I thought I'd already added you!! Yours is one that I check at least several times a week.

Thanks for the compliments on my blog!

Sherrie said...

Hey Cindy 1.8kgs in 2 weeks is great!!!