Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vacation to Hilton Head Island

Vacation to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina was fantastic!!

Our suite was a bedroom with a double bed, a huge bath with both a shower and tub (with jets), a well equipped kitchen, a nice living room area with a sofa bed and a nice little patio!!


Sharon in kitchen

Me in living room

Sharon in bath


View from patio

Quite a nice suite, and a very nice island. They preserved a lot of trees when building on HHI, which makes it look different from other seaside tourist places. No huge condos/hotels lining the beach front....we only saw one and that was only 5-6 stories. Plenty or tourist shops....beach wear, candies, ice cream etc....but not lining the main roads! There are several shopping areas or malls and even these have many trees in the lots.

Food was good. I didn't exactly stick to my plan, but did better than I expected. I love fried seafood and it's almost impossible to find any that's good here in Durham. I had fried seafood twice. Both times the breading was fairy place so light you could actually see the markings on the shrimp right through it! We had breakfast (brunch) in the room each morning...mine was mostly shakes, fruit and breakfast bars. We ate out every evening. Seafood twice, steak/hamburg three times and a salad bar once. We also ate breakfast out one day. For treats, in addition to my fried foods, I had ice cream twice and pralines twice. The ice creams were worth it....both were homemade on the premises. I was able to eat a protein meal/treat shortly after indulging, so never had any really bad cravings. I was pleasantly surprised in the evening to not really want anything extra, even though my friend was snacking frequently!

We went to the pool twice (Sharon went 3 times) and to the ocean once. After the first swim in the pool I developed a rash on both legs. It got worse after the second swim, so I decided to avoid the pool from that point on. The one time we went to the ocean I got stung by a jellyfish after about 10 min in the water!!

On Thursday we went to Savanna. We drove to Savanna and took a 90 min narrated trolley tour of the city. It's very pretty with some really beautiful homes and churches. After wandering around and having dinner....and being entertained by our waitress....we went back for an evening ghost tour! Never saw any ghosts, but heard some very interesting stories!!

Here are some more pictures. Click on them for full size.

Day tour

Ghost tour guide


Sharon at pub in Savanna


Sharon and I

Pool at night

Pool fountain at night.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Thanks for the pictures! Glad you had a great time! It's so nice to break away from the everyday routines, isn't it?

Cindy Moore said...

HI Adam!! Wish I was still on vacation!! It was really nice, especially since I'm selling my house and just finished a MAJOR project in work!! Timing was perfect!

Anonymous said...

You planning on staying in the Durham area? I hear it's absolutely lovely down there! Moving is stressful!!

Cindy Moore said...

Adam....I'm staying near Durham. I have my eye on a place in Mebane, about 10 miles west of Durham....a little town.

It is wonderful down here. I'm a Massachusetts girl and moved down here just over 10 yrs ago. Best move I ever made!!

Right now I'm trying to downsize....I'll be going from 7 rooms down to 4!

Anonymous said...

That sounds great! Hope it works out for ya!