Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The 6 Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle

Today The 6 Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle hit the markets! The book was written by Mary Dan Eades, MD and Michael R Eades, MD, authors of the various Protein Power books.

A couple of months ago Dr Mike asked, on his blog, for volunteers to try "The Cure" and be willing to submit for interviews, pictures, etc. Of course I volunteered, but as they received hundreds of offers, I was rejected. Not surprised, but disappointed. Well, a week or so ago I received another email noting that they were able to get a few more "galley" copies and I was selected to receive one!! I started the program today, and plan to use this blog to give a running commentary of how I feel and how it's working (or not working).

The program is designed to address the abdominal, or visceral, fat that we tend to accumulate as we hit middle age. As explained in the book, this weight gain is not only common, but more dangerous than "regular" subcutaneous fat accumulation. This visceral fat is more dangerous because it leads to inflammation in the body, which can then lead to all kinds of other problems, including the development of coronary heart disease. Everyone pretty much agrees that visceral fat is more dangerous than subcutaneous fat!

The cause of this accumulation is caused by a number of factors, including hormonal changes, and is not as easy to loose. And the simple orders to eat less and exercise more usually doesn't work!

The Cure is designed to address this visceral fat accumulation. And I am sure I have at least some.....so I'm trying the program and will let you all know how I do!

Today was day 1. No caffeine, no alcohol, 3 meals of a protein shake (formula in book) and 1 "real" meal. Dairy is limited to a little cream in the shake. Medications should be limited to only those that are necessary and a good night's sleep is encouraged. Several supplements, including a good multivitamin/multimineral and potassium is also part of the plan. Pretty simple!!

OK....so I had 2 shakes earlier today and then dinner was a steak with cooked mushrooms. I intended to also have a small salad, but was full enough that I decided to forgo it. I still have one more shake for later tonight, before bed.

I'm not a drinker, so the no alcohol part is easy for me....but I love my tea and I'm missing that! The shakes are filling and last several hours, so hunger has not been an issue. Late this afternoon I developed a headache, which I assume was caffeine withdrawal. After several hours I did take aspirin and it went away. Lots of water means, for me, frequent trips to the bathroom, which can be a pain.....but I know it's good for me!

I'm not going to post my measurements and weight, but will post any gains or losses. I weighed myself this morning and was surprised to have lost over 2 1/2 pounds since 2 weeks ago! A great start, huh? Oh yea....that doesn't count as I hadn't started The Cure yet!

Not sure how often I'll post, but at least once a week when I weigh myself. I'm still reading the book, so I'm not sure how often measurements are to be taken, but when I take them I'll post to show any gains or losses!


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Lela said...

my sister and i are twins and have just started this as of monday the 21st! it will be great to check out how you are doing as we are doing it and kind of see if your results are similar, right now the lemon chicken is in the oven and i was getting really hungry, shouldve made the third shake but didn't and so i ate my portion of the brocolli almondine... great to share...