Friday, September 11, 2009

The Cure - Day 4

Day 4 is almost over and I'm feeling good!!

Shakes 3 times a day is boring....but easy. Meals have been fairly small.

Wednesday I had roasted chicken breast with cooked asparagus and lettuce with dressing.

Thursday was kind of a "cheat" neighbor brought over dinner for me. She is Algerian and brought me Algerian Shorba, which is a meat based vegetable soup; Bourek ground beef and cheese in a light phyllo dough; potatoes and peas in a spicy tomato sauce; and apricots, prunes and golden raising for dessert. I ate 2 of the Bourek with some of the Shorba, a couple bites of potatoes and 4 of the prunes. My son ate the rest. It was excellent! Apparently this is a tradition during Ramadan, sharing your evening meal with a neighbor! She's such a sweetie and it smelled so good! I did some estimates of what I ate and figure I stayed under 30 grams of carb total.

Tonight, Friday, I made scallops scampi with green beans. I really need to get to the food store and buy some veggies! All I have in the house now is some lettuce!!

I also found a new protein shake that is pretty good! Body Tech, Whey Tech Pro 24 in vanilla and chocolate! Each scoop is 24g protein with 3g carbs. I added some frozen strawberries to the vanilla and it was great!

The headaches from caffeine withdrawal are pretty much gone and I feel great! No hunger at all. I'm eating to the clock, not to hunger. Sleep is off and on, but that's pretty much normal for me.

I'll be checking my weight and measurements Tuesday, and will publish any losses or gains!

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