Saturday, September 08, 2007

My review of Kimkins as posted on the BBB

I've been following a lot of blogs about Kimkins, which I feel has some plans that are dangerous. I followed a link to a place on the BBB (Better Business Bureau). I had no intention of posting, but then decided to give my 2 cents.

Here is the post:

As a health professional I have to write to condemn these diet plans, the ones created by and promoted by a person who calls herself Kimmer, and calls her website The website allows you to join so you have access to support boards, articles, lists, meal plans, etc related to several different plans. Some are higher in calories and nutrients than others and sound acceptable. But there are other plans that promote very low calorie and very low fat eating. The different diet plans are available easily to non-members, the fee is for support and other products. One of these products is a message board.

I have never been a member of the site, nor have I tried any of the diets. I am a RN of over 30 years and have been researching diet and nutrition for about 3 years. I don't know it all, but I do know that this diet, at least parts of it, cannot be healthful.

There are several things that have been reported about this plan/website that disturbs me and others.

Do clients loose weight? I'm sure they do. But that does not mean they are healthy or have learned how to maintain their loss. Anyone that severely restricts their caloric intake will loose weight....that is a given. But to loose weight rapidly due to very low caloric intake is not healthy. Without adequate nutrients the body will suspend certain functions and others will be altered and/or damaged. To this charge, many members have reported significant hair loss and cessation of menses.

Do the clients see an improvement in blood work? Again, for the things that people are going to check, lipids, blood sugar, etc, probably yes. Fasting, whether done short or long term has been documented to lower blood sugar levels and "improve" lipid distribution. But I'd be willing to bet they are also deficient in many key vitamins and nutrients. Many members have reported weakness, exercise intolerance and joint pains....all attributable to inadequate nutrition.

Is the woman behind this plan who she says she is? It seems not. Recently the Internet has been plastered with pictures of a woman that a private investigator claims is Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer, the creator and perpetrator of this plan. The woman in the pictures certainly is not the woman portrayed on the website. Is this private investigator real? Does he have any evidence that the woman he photographed is in fact Heidi Diaz? He says he he should be contacted by the authorities as part of the investigation of this diet/website.

Additional charges by members and former members are that this plan is accepting under 18 year olds as members. These underage members are also said to be given advice to cut calories and fat dramatically and even take laxatives on a regular basis. Damage to young children's bodies could be permanent if the accusations about this diet are true and children are being counseled to severely restrict food and fluid intake. The psychological effect might be too much for some and lead to a serious and life threatening eating disorder.

And finally, members are reporting being banned and locked out of the website, even though the membership clearly states it is a lifetime membership.

This site should be closed immediately and investigated thoroughly. If these charges are true the site should be permanently closed and the owner prosecuted and/or fined according to any laws that may have been broken. If the charges are unfounded the site should be reopened.

For those that think we're all fake, I am not in any way affiliated with Slamboard, or any other anti-Kimkins blog or website, other than being a reader and commenter. Jimmy Moore, who also posted a negative review, is well known and respected in the low carb community.

I am a RN licensed in North Carolina and formerly licensed (but eligible for reinstatement) in Massachusetts. I received my first license in 1976. I no longer work as a nurse, but follow literature, news, research, etc with a particular interest in diet, nutrition and good health.

Thank you
Alcinda Moore
aka Cindy Moore, CindySue48, CindySue54, and madnicla
Durham, North Carolina

There are many people speaking out, but as long as the site is open there is a danger! Please post your review too!


Anonymous said...

Well done, Cindy!
I can't believe how much mayhem this 'Kimkins' plans has caused throughout cyberspace! Whew!
You write very well.

Cindy Moore said...

Thanks Adam....if the things being said about KK are true, we need to get the site closed.

My biggest concern are the kids. If the accusations about teens being on the site, and even being recruited, the site MUST be closed!!

Carol Bardelli said...

I'm so glad you did that! An RN's statement will carry more weight than just your average Jane. I hope some doctors and nutritionists jump in too.

Like you, it's the teens I'm concerned about. Although adults may be harmed at least they're old enough to make diet and health decisions for themselves even if they're dubious decisions. Kids should not be dieting without a physician's oversight in my opinion.

Cindy Moore said...

Thanks Carol....that's why I used my full name (and aliases). They can check me out!!

There are a lot of positives on there....mostly from people who are thrilled with their loss....some even admitting at any cost!

The reports of the teens on there is what really made me want to post!! Adults can do what they want....but kids should be supervised and closely monitored! I think the prospect of a serious eating disorder devloping is more likely in kids too!

size8jeans said...

Thanks! I finally put up my own blog post about it and linked to this post. Very well-written.

Cindy Moore said...

Thank you for the compliment Victoria!! I just read your post!! Thanks for linking my post!

Amazingly, people are still following the diet and still praising Kimmer and Kimkins!!

OhYeahBabe said...

That was a very well written review. There are a number of negative (accurate) reviews out there now. I hope people will check there before they give Kimkins any money!

Resolve not to get ripped off by scams like Kimkins!
Friends don't let friends do the Kimkins Starvation Diet!

Cindy Moore said...

Thanks OhYeahBabe....there were just too many positive (inaccurate) posts to ignore.