Sunday, October 07, 2007

Update 10/7/2007

Well, here I am, all settled in at my motel room!! I'm in a small, nice motel close to the highway. I have a queen bed, refrigerator and microwave and Internet access, but wireless and wired.

The owners also allow dogs, so I have my 2 with me. They're adapting well.....seem to think they own the place now! There are other people with dogs, and so far things have been good. My friend works here and last night, while I was visiting her, another woman came by with her dog. My two were actually crying because they couldn't say hi....but the woman wouldn't let her dog meet mine as it's a recent rescue and she didn't know how her dog would behave.

This is going to be longer haul than I figured. I'm getting information a little at a time and not happy. As of right now I do not have a pre-qualification letter!! The good news is I no longer owe anyone!!! Well except my car and a small personal loan (may get paid off, depending on ending balance)....and one charge on my report owed to "unknown", which for obvious reasons won't be paid at this time.

The ranch is now sold, so the bungalow is the one I'm hoping for. They finished the bathroom and did a great job! I'm hoping to put down an offer soon!!

I've been doing pretty good with sticking with my plan. The night I finished moving and the next day I binged. Red hots, crackers with peanut butter and chocolate! Back on track the next morning, Wednesday, and have been sticking with plan since. I've pretty much maintained.

I'll update again soon! In the meanwhile, if you haven't already, check out some of the blogs on Kimkins!! Spread the word!
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BamaGal said...

I'm glad you are settled in and the dogs are adjusting. Too bad about the ranch house. Hope things work out on the other one for you. It is not fun being in limbo, between homes.

You ave the right attitude with the binge--forget about it and go on.

Carol Bardelli said...

I'm glad your transition is going well and your dogs are happy. I once moved with 4 dogs (chihuahuas) 4 cats, and a horse! Luckily we only stayed in a motel one night and the horse was already transported to his new corral.

Thanks for the link! Cheers, Carol

Carol Bardelli said...

PS. The Anti-Kimkins site isn't mine.
Your link's "and her site" implies it is. They did quote me on their site but not with permission - though I don't mind. I figure it's a compliment. All my blogs and websites have my name on them. I have a thing about anonymous anything, I dislike the lack of disclosure. I understand some do it out of fear (stalkers fear maybe) but I try not to live or act out of fear. Hence my 1200 pound Thoroughbred mare!

Cheers, Carol

Cindy Moore said...

Bama and carol!! Thanks!!

Dogs are quite comfy now....they only get upset when certain people walk by. Even new people don't get barked at....unless there's something they don't like.

Son is with me again....subject I'll post about soon. I was really looking forward to being an empty nester....but that's not going to happen for a few weeks, at least.

I'm so glad this place is pet-friendly. Not too many pets here right now, but last week there were several. They love the grounds!! Just can't seem to get the idea of pooping outside! They're used to being in a kennel, alone, for their pooping! LOL

Cindy Moore said...

Carol! Sorry about the mix up on the Anti-Kimkins site.

Anonymous said...

Curious on any house updates?

Paying off debt is the best!

Cindy Moore said...

Hi Meredith!! I now have a contract on the house, but I'm still waiting on a letter from one of the creditors! All the rest have sent me letters and notified the credit bureaus, but this one (goodyear credit card! avoid these people!!!) are simply giving me a run around. They were the first paid, and I still have no letter and the debt is still on my reports!! I'm hoping for an answer within the next few days, I'm getting anxious....and so is the seller!!

OhYeahBabe said...

Great post. Thanks for the links!

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