Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Quit smoking record

Quit smoking record

As some of you maybe aware, I'm in temporary housing (yes, I'm still waiting! but I just can't get started on that right now.), have just been told that I "definitely" have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and quit smoking.

This has been one of the easiest quits ever, initially I was using both the patch and Chantix, but now it's getting dicey. I stopped using the patch over the weekend, as I forgot to put one on, and now I'm starting to feel the effects of the nicotine withdrawal. UGGGG I want a cigarette, but I cannot have one!

So.....I decided I need to post. I'm not guaranteeing I'll post every day, but I will update the ticker at least every few days...Let's say at least on Wednesday and Saturday.

Here's my ticker so far:

Today, Wednesday, December 5th, is my 22nd day smoke free.

I am continuing with the Chantix and I will not smoke.

I am sticking with low carb, but depending way too much on "low carb foods". I'm using sugar free lollipops in place of cigarettes, and I've got the munchies all night!

Luckily the doc I'm seeing for the quit smoking is Dr Eric Westman, fairly well known in the low carb community. He's working with me on both the quitting and the diet. In fact right now I'm on, at his suggestion, a diet with several restrictions (nightshade veggies and grains mainly). I'm also supposed to minimize my use of artificial sweeteners, which I haven't been doing too well lately. The first week I quit I gained over 6 pounds, but I've lost that and since then my weight has been stable, which is good, but I'm not loosing like I wish I was....probably due to the junk I'm snacking on.


BamaGal said...

glad to hear from you---wishing you the best on the smoking thing---watch out for those Chantix side effects. Sorry about the RA---the anti inflammation diet is a good one to follow---I've got my sister trying it---we'll see how long she lasts without her tomatoes

Take care and give us an update when you can. Give the babies a big hug too...

Sparky's Girl said...

Hi Cindy! Sorry to hear you are still waiting on the house. I'm glad you are doing well and good for you on quiting smoking! I know it's tough. My Grandmother (who smoked for over 60 years) and my Mother (who smoked for at least 40 years) have both stopped thanks to some new pill they are taking (maybe it's the Chantix you are speaking of?). They are both so happy and have been smoke free for months now! I'm very proud of them! I'm proud of you too! Hang in there.... (((HUGS)))

Sherrie said...

I'm on a strict diet for my daughter, its not the same as yours but does mean no tomatoes (which I love).

I have been wondering how you went with Dr Westman, how lucky are you!

I can relate to you on the giving up smoking too, I gave up several years ago after many failed attempts. You never quite lose the urge though I don't think of it until I am around someone I used to socialise with that smokes. But the few times I have tried it over the years it had been so long it just made me want to hurl so that fixed me up real quick :)

I think the best thing to do, is once its out of your system, never let yourself get used to it again. If you try it one day and it makes you feel sick stop right there, let that be your last memory of it.

Cindy Moore said...

Thanks far no side effects. I never realized how much tomatoes are in my life! Condiments, salads, dinners. I really miss them with breakfast.

Sherrie!! What diet are you following?

If this works it will be worth it. So far I've not noticed an improvement, but I've read some articles that say up to 6 months to notice a change!

The smoking hasn't been too bad. I have a couple of friends that smoke and other than the smell, it's not bothering me much....I always seem to have the cravings when I'm alone.

I went to Westman for the smoking. I noticed when I looked him up years ago that he did the smoking cessation, so I called and made an appointment. We have an agreement that I can ask one question each visit! LOL I'd love to sit with him for a few hours and pick his brains!

PJ said...

I've read a lot over the last 1.5 years about how gluten (for those sensitive to it, and most people don't know) and arachidonic acid (in tomatoes, peppers, red meat, etc.) can cause flare-ups for RA. Sorry to hear about that diagnoses, hope LC helps it in some way.

You're certainly in a high stress zone at the moment! That does not sound easy. Keep the faith. It sounds like you are doing exactly that and pretty well at it too.

Cindy Moore said...

Thanks for the support PJ! I'm not restricting red meat right now, and don't plan to. I don't think the issue is gluten or arachidonic acid as I've restricted both in the past and not seen a problem.

Gluten, if anything might be an issue, maybe I wasn't off it long enough in the past to see an effect. Red meat, on the other hand is my meat of choice and has increased dramatically with LC, but my symptoms are much better....yes, even with the RA I am better off today that I was pre-lc.

Migraineur said...

Good luck, Cindy, and hang in there. And remember, nicotine increases insulin sensitivity, which is why so many people find they gain weight when they quit smoking - they no longer enjoy the increased insulin sensitivity. But if you stick to low-carb, your insulin will rebalance itself.

Dianne aka Migraineur

Cindy Moore said...

Thanks Dianne. I never heard that about insulin sensitivity! My BP has dropped, but it's never been high.

Cindy Moore said...

Sparky's Girl apparently your comment got lost somehow.

Thanks for your encouragement! It is hard quitting, but this is the easiest quit I've ever had! Now I just have to STAY smoke free!