Thursday, October 19, 2006


You know when you have those nasty days in work? Well I had one of those today.

It started off great, woke up early, dogs pottied on demand, traffic going to work wasn't bad....but then it all went downhill!!!

We're in new offices. We're freezing!!! Or at least I am!!!

I am a QA Analyst for a company that has several different products, all related to healthcare. Most of our applications are either on a PDA or PC, but we also have a couple that are internet based. The product I work with is internet based. There are well over 700 screens in our application, and as you can imagine, several share data. The application is for Utilization Review (justifying admissions and treatments), Case Management (helping make sure your patient gets the services, equipment, and follow-up they're supposed to have), Disease Management (same as CM, but disease specific), and Quality Management (Making sure standards of care are followed). We have the capability of interfacing with the hospital ADT (Admissions, discharges, and transfers) feed as well as several other products. I am VERY proud of our product as I started with the company before we even had our first release.

My job is to test different aspects of our application. For the most part it's going to a certain screen (or two or several) and make sure all the buttons work, and the data is populated correctly in all associated screens. We also have a fairly extensive reporting structure, and we're currently changing how our reporting actually works.....and there's the rub.

Lately I've been called upon to do some of the minor report testing....extracts are more like it. The problem? Our equipment doesn't work right!!!!! It's fine for our users, but apparently, but for us testers, we get shut out quite often. It can be very irritating!!

We get logged out of the database within 20-30 minutes. We have a couple of interfaces and they keep shutting down!!! Apparently it's because our volume is too low!!! Weird, huh?

Oh well, the day is over and tomorrow I get to work from home. I love working from home!! I can stay in my PJs all day, and I don't have to deal with anyone directly!!

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