Thursday, October 05, 2006

Weigh Day, Week 4

Short Term Goal:

No loss this week. Not surprised. I think it was probably at least in part due to a brunch I ate on Sunday. I had a little bit of salad, a couple of pieces of cantaloupe, scrambled eggs, bacon, ham and sausage. I also had about 1/2 slice whole wheat toast. The bacon, the eggs, and the ham were all loaded with salt!

I'm not a big salt eater, so when I have a dose like I got with that meal, I retain fluid. I have a tendency to retain anyway, and large doses of salt like that really make a difference. I don't avoid salt, but I just don't think of it. I got out of the habit of using salt when I was in school. And I've never gotten back in the habit of using it.

Here are my averages for the week:

As you can see, I am very low on Iron this week. But remember, this is an average. One day I had no iron in my diet at all.

I do eat red meat, eggs and cheese, but I don't eat that much. I use protein powder and shakes to bring up my protein intake. Fats go along with it usually, but not necessarily red meat. I also fasted 2 days during this week. One day it was 9PM to 10PM, the other day it was 11PM to 9PM. I only had chicken this week, and only 3 times.

Long Term Goal:

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