Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Weigh Day, Week 6

Short Term Goal:

WHOO HOO!!!! 3 more pounds gone!!!!!

I'm still doing the intermittent fasting and staying pretty close to plan when I do eat. I'm actually amazed at how little effort this it. I'm rarely hungry on my fasting days, and when I do get hungry I just have some water. I do allow myself coffee and tea, both with a little cream or milk, but not much. Actually on fasting days I get most of my calories from my fish oil and Vitamin E!!

I kind of lost track of what I've been eating, but I'm still getting enough on my eating days to pretty much cover my fasting days. I guess because you regularly eat and eat well you don't get into a starvation response. I think maybe that only happens when you have long-term reduced calories?? Who knows all I know is I'm loosing, and it's been pretty easy!!

Long Term Goal:

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