Sunday, September 17, 2006

September 17. 2006

12:46AM Saturday, 9/16

Saturday: Day 2 of eating what I want when my body tells me to eat.

Again, eating when hungry only, eating only what is "allowed" on my plan.....lots of protein, little bit of carbs.

Here are my totals for the Saturday:

Calories: 1451
Carbs:42 g
Fiber: 12g (net = 30g)
Fat: 107g
Saturated: 42g
Monounsaturates: 26g
Polyunsaturates: 22g
Protein: 87g

Protein shake with cream

Cheese with salsa (melted)
Pork rinds

Cheese with salsa (melted)
Pork rinds
Carb control Tortilla

I've had 100 oz pure water, a can of Splenda sweetened carbonated drink, and 2 large cup of tea with whole milk.
According to Fitday, my fluid intake was 130 oz.

For Friday I burned 2247 calories This includes all logged activities and digestion.

Even I'll admit that this isn't the healthiest diet.....I need more veggies!!!! But I don't have any, nor do I have the money to buy any! Going to check the freezer.....I believe there's some partially cooked broccoli in there....and maybe some asparagus?

Weight day is Tuesday AM. Sunday I start taking short walks.....see how far I can get.

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