Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Weigh Day

Short Term Goal:

Weight today and I lost another 4 pounds!!! I only did the Intermittent fasting one day last week, so I guess that was the reason for the big loss this week. Heck I don't care what happened!!! I'm just glad I lost!!!

I'm not going to continue posting my daily totals and means, but will post a summary each week.

Here's my averages for the past week:

Long Term Goal:


Anonymous said...

I have to ask - how are you missing iron and potassium if you're eating meat and other animal foods and unstarchy vegetables?

Cindy said...

Not sure what you're asking. I take potassium supplements simply because of the large amounts of water I drink.

Iron, I'm at around 90%, which is plenty high enough. I don't take iron supplements.

I do eat more meat than most nutrition people say is good for me, but I also use protein supplements to keep my protein counts up.